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Terra Santa

Electroacoustic piece, 19.3 multiphonic and stereo reduction, 17'11 "

World premiere for the MANCA Festival 2018

Scheduled in France, Germany, Argentina, Tunisia.

Work instructions:  


Terra Santa, 17mn 11.

It was after a trip to Palestine and Israel (April 2018) that the idea for this piece was born.

The Holy Land, a sacred land of religious crossroads, shared spaces, where voices follow one another, mix. Whispers on street corners, prayers sung, cries. The story of a place revealed by the memory of a thousand-year-old stone. A ballad in a soundscape like an awakened hallucination. 

This piece is made up of field recordings recorded in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Programming concerts and festivals:

  • World premiere for the MANCA Festival, multiphonic version in 19.3 at L'Entre-Pont, 109 - Nice

  • Selected and broadcast at the Studio for Elektroakustische Musik on the SEAM Loudspeaker Orchestra - Weimar, Germany

  • Scheduled at LIPM, Centro Cultural Recoleta - Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Extracts broadcast on radio RTCI (Tunis) and Radio Monastir - Tunisia

  • Scheduled at the Concerts of L'oreille Concrète, CNR in Marseille

  • Scheduled at the Rencontres Internationales Monaco Électroacoustique and broadcast as a Masterclass with Yan Maresz, François Roux, Luis Naon - Académie Rainier III, Monaco





World premiere, Manca Festival 2018, multiphonic version:

Terra Santa was programmed as a world premiere for the MANCA Festival 2018. On the occasion of their 39th edition "Prima la Musica!", The piece was conceived and composed in a multiphonic version for a system of 22 speakers.

The concert was scheduled at the Entre-Pont, the sound system was built specifically for and in the performance hall. The plan including 22  speakers projected in 3 dimensions to allow the viewer a real immersive experience.

Program and info:

Tuesday 4 December 2018,  6.30 p.m. at L'Entre-Pont

Free entry  -  free placement

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