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MOVE! # 2 - artistic crossroads

KLAP Residence /  gmem-CNCM-marseille


Public performance at KLAP Maison de la danse, March 2018

Creative residency Bouge! # 2:

National selection bringing together choreographers, dancers, composers and technicians for a 10-day experimental laboratory, between KLAP Maison pour la danse and GMEM in Marseille. Participants are separated into three groups by drawing lots.

Group 1: choreographer Sylvère Lamotte / composers Arthur Arsenne, Pierre Pulisciano / dancers / technicians

Group 2: choreographer Mathilde Monfreux / composers Sandrine Ozerov, Arnaud Laurens / dancers / technicians

Group 3: choreographer Simone Mousset / composers Jenny Abouav, Max Sister, Sarah Procissi / dancers / technicians

The play produced by Simone Mousset's group: "The king is ill. War is imminent. The situation is serious". 

Choreography for 10 dancers, the sound creation was carried out live on a laptop (computers)  by the three composers Jenny Abouav, Max Sister and Sarah Procissi. Sound and light management  by Lorenzo and Elisa.

Internship supervised by the referents  Hervé Robbe, Olivier Renouf and Charles Bascou.

Bouge! # 2 is a project created and directed by Michel Keleminis (KLAP) and Christian Sebille ( gmem-CNCM-marseille ).

"The King is sick. War is imminent. The situation is serious."

Choreography: Simone Mousset

Sound creation: Jenny Abouav, Max Sister, Sarah Procissi

Dancers from schools of: Coline, Professional training of the dancer interpreter in Istres, The National Superior Conservatories of Music and Dance of Paris and Lyon, The National Center of Contemporary Dance of Angers, The Superior Pole of Provence Mediterranean Dance of Cannes, L '' National School of Dance of Marseille

Sound and light manager: Lorenzo and Elisa

Duration: approximately 30 minutes.

Public restitution to KLAP Maison pour la danse in Marseille,  March 15, 2018.

In partnership with Radio Grenouille

KLAP & GMEM information:

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