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Acousmatic piece, stereo, 08'37 "- 2016

"Boxing" is a piece that propels you into the center of a boxing hall.
Through this camera, the listener realizes the experience of sports training. Warming up, Training, Stretching ....
From a gentle polyrhythm to a punchy tension, Boxing leaves no respite. The sounds are linked together, alter, confront each other ... To achieve self-transcendence.
This piece was composed in the electroacoustic studios of the Conservatoire de Nice in 2016.

It was created at the end of the second cycle of the composition course and was received with honors and unanimous congratulations from the jury (Pascal Gobin, Patrick Marcland, Jean-Paul Alimi).

Selections and Programming:

  • Technomancie2 Festival, interpretation by Raphaëlle Dupire-Loubaton - Le Couvent, Marseille

  • Selected and broadcast in Composition Masterclass, Printemps des Arts 2018, Yan MARESZ - Rainier III Academy, Monaco.

  • Selected and scheduled for the concerts "L'oreille concrète" - CNR de Marseille, 2016

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