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Instrumental piece

For 2 percussionists, 15'00 approx.

Work instructions:

Sinla'pa means  The Art of Boxing. In Thailand, boxing is not considered a sport but  like a real art. The one who indicates that the fight is not to dominate his opponent but his own ego.

This piece is inspired by the practice of Thai boxing, and attempts to explore inner states  of the boxer, his mental struggle. Attack, defense, protection, shocks, tetany, loss of balance, distortion of the notion of time, auditory sensations ...

Written for 2 percussionists, in 3 Round (movements)  and consisting mainly of hides; this piece explores the emotional and mental interiority of combatants through impacts, iterations, friction, skin tensions, resonances ...

Nomenclature Sinla'pa jpeg.jpg

Excerpts (repeats)  :

Full score  :

Sinla'pa titre.jpg
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