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Artist performance:

Frédéric Alemany, Matthieu Epp, Alicia Malialin and Sarah Procissi

Freeze frame Festival # 03, L'Entre-pont, Nice

Representation :


Dance and video piece by Alicia Malialin and Frédéric Alemany, accompanied by Matthieu Epp for the story and Sarah Procissi for the sound creation

  • The crash of dawn

Tales around Nordic mythology. Story and music by Matthieu Epp. Composition assistant Sarah Procissi

  • Siegfried

Setting to music of excerpts from the book "La chanson des Nibelungen". Story by Matthieu Epp and music by Sarah Procissi

Representation during the Festival "Arrêt sur image # 03" at l'Entrepont, Nice in November 2019.

Danse Alicia Malialin.jpg
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