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Argo (2017)

Argo is a quadraphonic composition for contemporary dance, performed for 17 dancers.

The music / dance interaction work focused on the intuitive development of the dancers, the immersion allowing them to play and refine their relationship to sound in space. Spatialization and predominantly atempo music therefore make it possible at the same time to underline movements, create mass displacements, indicate a location ...

Argo is the name of underwater sensors allowing the observation of the oceans in real time.

This project was carried out at the CNRR in Nice, in collaboration with the contemporary dance class.


Composition: Sarah Procissi

Choreography: Marie-Laure Fauduet

Dancers: Léa Scarpari, Lara Charousset, Juliette Pellegrino, Emma Grimandi, Carla Flores, Roselyne Chauvet, Cassandre Marti, Lucie Sarale, Blandine Callea, Léa-Marie Mercier, Clarisse Madani, Solène Turillon, Eva Madani. 

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