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Sarah Procissi (1991, Bastia) is a composer and musician living in Nice. Her musical practice is both oriented towards contemporary electroacoustic music and traditional Mediterranean music.  

  Her composition work is influenced by concrete music, electronic music and the use of soundscapes ( field recordings ) that she achieves through sound recordings. She likes to create sound landscapes by recording objects, machines, atmospheres of cities, places up close ... She is interested in the sound characteristics of matter (movements, morphologies, timbres) captured by her microphones that she then integrates in a raw or sculpted way via different sound treatments.  

She is also closely interested in multiphonic creation and sound spatialization, a subject on which she wrote her final thesis.
Since 2018, she has also composed instrumental pieces: Terra Nova (for voice, electric guitar, synthesizer, percussions), Sinla'pa (for two percussionists).

Her compositions have been shown in Paris, Weimar, Buenos Aires, Tunis, Monastir, Marseille, Nice, Monaco ... As well as in many festivals: Festival Manca (multiphonic world creation 19.3), Festival  Off d'Avignon , Technomancie2 (Couvent Levat, Marseille), Public Lighting (Nice), OVNI (Nice), Freeze frame (Nice), L'oreille concrète (Marseille), etc.

She regularly collaborates with several museums in her region such as MAMAC, the Museum of Asian Arts, the Matisse Museum ...

In 2019, several of his works were broadcast on radio RTCI (Radio Tunis Chaîne Internationale) and Radio Monastir in Tunisia.

She participates in residencies at gmem-CNCM-Marseille ( My dreamed life), at KLAP Maison pour la danse ( Bouge! # 02 ), L'Entre-pont (Vers Abraxa, Zoï, Cie Rebonds d'histoires), L 'Aria (The dancing body), MDE (Concrete music for hollow sculptures); and has been selected in several masterclasses: Printemps des Arts (Monaco), Monaco Electroacoustic International Festival ...

In July 2019, she was selected through an international competition with 6 other composers to benefit from a masterclass with the composer Jonty Harrison at the SeaM Studio für Elektroakustische Musik (Weimar, Germany) and to play in concert on the SeaM Loudspeaker Orchestra.

Since 2009, she has composed for different companies (dance, theater ...) and has collaborated with choreographers such as Simone Mousset, Eric Oberdorff, Marie-Laure Fauduet, Patricia Nagera ...

She has commissioned the French Ministry of Culture for the original music for the 2021 French contemporary dance exams in collaboration with choreographer Marie-Laure Fauduet.

In 2020, she won the UCArts grant following the call for projects initiated by the Université Côte d'Azur with two projects:  My dreamed life (Cie Humaine)  and  Musique pour sculptures creuses (Francesconi, Chastagner, Procissi).

She is currently a musician in the bands Clameurs (oud and double bass), Zoï (laptop, electronics & guitar) and as an oudist in various projects.

Sarah Procissi is graduated by two Conservatory DEM in electroacoustic composition and oud,

as well as a License in "Professional musical practices" (University of Nice) obtained in 2019.

     The same year, she received a scholarship from SACEM and the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Nice for all of her training as a young composer.

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