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Terra Nova (2018)

      Terra Nova is a mixed piece for four musicians (voice, electric guitar, synthesizer / sequences, percussion) and contemporary dance.

       Inspired by the quest for great polar spaces, this project is born from the meeting between instrumental music and improvised contemporary dance.

"Terra Nova", or New Earth, exploration ground for a first instrumental piece but also for danced improvisation.

Exploring space, the unforeseen, the accident - the music / dance work developed on the interaction developed by the instrumental play and the spontaneous movements they generated.

Composition: Sarah Procissi

Musicians: Arthur Arsenne (electric guitar), Héloïse Francesconi (synthesizer / sequences), Marion Giansily (voice), Diane Versace (percussions).

Dance supervised by Marie-Laure Fauduet

Dancers:  Blandine Calléa, Solène Carfantan, Roselyne Chauvet, Pauline Eichenholc, Carla-Maria Flores, Emma Grimandi, Clarisse Madani, Cassandre Marti, Juliette Pellegrino, Lucie Sarale, Léa Scarpari, Solène Turillon.

Terra Nova, approx. 12'00

Performed at the Improvisation Biennial on 02.14.18, Auditorium Kosma (CRR), Nice.

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