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Musique pour sculptures creuses

Winning IDEX 2020 grant
UCArts, inter-school category

Winning IDEX 2020 grant
UCArts, inter-school category

Winning IDEX 2020 grant
UCArts, inter-school category

Statement of intent :

      Musique pour sculptures creuses is a project carried out by three young artists residing in Nice: Héloïse Francesconi, student at the Conservatory, and Léonore Chastagner, student at Villa Arson in collaboration with the artist Sarah Procissi.

      We wanted to find a meeting point between our two mediums. On the one hand ceramics, on the other hand electroacoustic music.  We wanted each of our disciplines to remain intact. That it is not one at the service of the other, but a reciprocal relationship.  

       It was our research into concrete, electroacoustic and ambient music that put us on the path. Alvin Lucier, Oliver Beer, Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, all create or have created sound pieces from everyday objects.

       We want to take a further step, not to listen to objects but sculptures. Create a sound piece, for hollow ceramic sculptures.

Description :

Musique pour sculptures creuses is an installation imagined by Héloïse Francesconi, Sarah Procissi and Léonore Chastagner, in collaboration with the smarin workshop.

Both visual and sound, it is the result of a year of cross-breeding and experimentation between ceramic pieces made by Chastagner, and electroacoustic research carried out by Francesconi and Procissi.

The result is a clay orchestra, an experimental sound piece to watch and listen to while moving around the exhibition space, the acoustic properties of the sculptures having been studied and put at the service of the musical. The Play YET! Furniture system from the smarin workshop articulates the layout of each element and offers, by its modular and versatile character, the possibility of a tailor-made and immersive sound system.

This project received the support of the UCArts network through the creation aid IDEX 2020. This is the first presentation of this work, which aspires to deepen and continue.

Collaboration: smarin workshop

smarin is a Nice structure with international influence, it collaborates with art venues, architects, craftsmen and artists. Its furniture favors natural materials, clean lines and modular layouts. We are teaming up with smarin to broaden the spectrum of our project and offer an installation that takes into account design and movement in space. This collaboration gives us the opportunity to place the exhibition within a professional, open and creative cultural environment. 

Calendar :

      • Creative residency  

           - From June 25 at smarin

      • Exhibition at smarin

           - Opening beginning of July 2021

           - Exhibition July and August 2021


External links :

      • Léonore Chastagner                     +33 6 33 76 14 72

      • Héloïse Francesconi •  +33 7 83 67 08 90

      • smarin  


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