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Premier album

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Lands of Conifer is a post-rock / drone / ambient group created in 2013 and based in Nice.

Originally  one-man-band initiated by Arthur Arsenne, the formation has since 2016 been enriched with three new musicians: Guillaume Gonin (bass), Benjamin Leonardi (drums / percussions) and Sarah Procissi (guitar / synth).

The project, motivated by the need to express oneself freely and without compromise, only found its identity in the liberation of conventional techniques of composition: improvisation.

Each live is a work in its own right, unique.  From calm to storm, from softness to power, Lands Of Conifer cultivates the art of bewitching its audience by creating sound textures, hypnotic rhythms, vaporous melodies ...  He thus invites the viewer on his own dreamlike journey.

After some demos and Split in K7 and mini cd (with Mitantecuntri and Xtematic), a first concert was given in 2015 with the Canadians Aun (Martin Dumais, Julie Leblanc) from which will result a live collaboration which will be released in the form of a split live on the Arsenic Solaris label.

In 2017, Lands of Conifer released its "impermanence" series: Impermanence # 1 and # 2, CDs two  titles (limited to 22 copies) on the Death Carnival records label. Two concerts -  release party took place  at Zonmé (Nice) and Volume (Nice) in 2017.

The group is preparing the release of their first album "Memorial" in the fall of 2018 on the Arsenic Solaris label.


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