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"All around us"

Real-time creation and spatialization workshops





      The idea of the 'All Around Us' project is to establish a musical work, interpreted and staged by the participating students. Through the recording of sound sources and the practice of spatialization play, the work tends to develop a sensitivity to the environment that surrounds us and to our sound world. The project takes place on a sound system called "dome", made up of several rings of loudspeakers projecting on a horizontal and vertical axis. The sound elements are directed via gametrak (controllers connected to the computer): the students then control the movement of the sound, their trajectories, form spatial figures ... Everyone is an actor in creation. During the different sessions, the project is built in order to develop a musical work interpreted during a final performance by the students.


Goal :


      This project aims to offer students an awareness of listening to their sound environment

and a new way of understanding the space around them. It allows them to develop their notions of creation, to give free rein to their interpretation, to learn about an individual and collective musical practice, to develop their listening skills, to discover spatialization, to acquire knowledge in sound techniques ...

Through this musical practice and the spatial interpretation game, we produce a musical work while developing our attention and a new perception on what is happening "All around us".


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